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As we are aware that Ziayarat district of Balochistan Province of Pakistan is badly affected by recent earthquake. Most of the houses have been damaged; people are living without any proper shelter and are fighting with cold weather (minus 3 to 4) and shortage of food. Particularly children are the most affecteed. Ilmo Amal is trying to provide at least 100 families witgh food bags and blankets. Estimated average per food bag and a blanket is Rs. 2,000 plus. We have budgeted an amount of Rs 250,000/- for this campaign.
Supporters and Members of the Ilmo Amal are requested to kindly donate generously for this relief work and pay their contribution. We are planning to distribute these items between 15 - 18 Nov 08. Volunteers are also welcome to organize the activity.

See latest Report by our member Mr. Abdul Ghani Dated Nov 19 2008

See slideshow of pictures sent by Abdul Ghani

Read more on ReliefWeb , Map of Area

If you are already a member please login to BMS and review application #252

If you wish to join our network and help this case or any other deserving case please fill the membership form.

For a complete list of our beneficiaries please see our programs

Best Regards,

Saif Manzoor

Secretary, Ilm-o-Amal Association


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Total amount of supplies
About 2 tons

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member

further plans
Dear Saif, Have spoken to Munir Baloch. He is in contact with some friends in Quetta. He offers his volunteer services and will go with me. My plan is as below: Waseem Khan also wants to go but he intended to travel through Train which takes 18/20 hrs from Karachi. - We will move from Karachi in the evening of 14/11 (Fri) by Bus. - Bus takes 12/13 hrs to reach to Quetta. Therefore we will be in Quetta in the morning of 15/11 (Sat). - We will buy the food stuff from Quetta and packed on 15/11 during the day. Also arrange transport to carry the stuff on next day. - Leave the Quetta on 16th morning for Ziayarat and distribute the item (preferable venue to be far end or interior area from the road side. To be finalised at Quetta or on the site). - Will let you know the transportation cost for food stuff by Monday 10/11. Regards. Abdul Ghani

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member

Update from Ahmed Faraz
Dear Abdul Ghani Just now have a detailed discussion with Brig Abdul Razzak. He said we know about those areas where people are in need of these tents immensely. So what they will do is to call upon the related person of that area and provide them four to five tents, as per the requirement of the family. Upon asking he confirmed that in one tent 12 - 14 persons can easily breathe. Mr Farooq of Canvas Tent company also has the same view i.e. 11- 13 persons. Further they won't go with the tents in one go or distribute theirselves in the locality because people are such desperate that they snatch from them. Five tents were given to Qadri Coach yesterday. Five are with Brig Abdul Razzak. I think it would take atleast 10 more days to complete the delivery. The request has been passed on to Brig Sb. to take the pictures of these tents when fitted, if possible. Please let me know if you require any further detail. Regards Ahmed Faraz

from Saif Manzoor

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