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Ilm-o-Amal - List of Supported Beneficiaries

25. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
This is for the medical expenses of a poor woman who lives near radio Pakistan.Read More

77. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Muscular Dystrophy
Beneficiary is a woman with three handicapped sons. They have a disease in which muscles are wasted and a person is unable to walk or take care of himself. This is a rare genetic disease and the woman has a hard time taking care of all three grown up but handicapped children.Read More

83. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
The beneficiary is family with four school going kids. The father doesnot have a proper job. They live in a poor neighbourhood in Orangi Town. Our assistance helps them to continue the education of their four children.Read More

131. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
This application is for the education of three children of a person working as a domestic helper in North Nazimabad. Two children are going to class VII and one in class 1. The total income of the father is 5000 rupees per month.Read More

161. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
This lady is a breast cancer patient under tests in the Government Jinnah Hospital The summary is that her husband works in a moulding factory on daily wages and earns 100-150 daily. Has 6 children. His wife is diagnosed with Cancer and admitted in government hospital. Because of this he cannot work and unable to feed the children. She is undergoing vitamin treatment which costs 7000 rupees per treatments and done every 21 daysRead More

177. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Cancer
For the treatment of breast cancer patient at Jinnah Hospital. Read More

180. Location: Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Thalessemia
The beneficiary is a Thalessemia patient and 3 years old. His sister has the same disease. Fatimid foundation give discount for sister but not (always) for him. So this help is requested. The salary of the father is very low and with other responsibilities the treatment of the disease is a big burden for them.Read More

189. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary has six children. All school going. Her husband works in garment factory and earns 3500 per month. We support the education of the children. However, based on the last review I feel her children are malnurited and need better food hence this application.Read More

199. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
Blind Student of grade 5 in Ida Rieu school. Very good in studies.Read More

205. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Cancer
Benficiary is a cancer patient and lives in Qayyumabad in a one room house. Rent is 2000. His wife and daughter works and earns 6000 a month. He is an unskilled labour. He is a patient of cancer and has been operated three times. NEeds a help of 3000 per month for his treatment and bandage change which costs 100 per day.Read More

212. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary is divorced. She has three children aged 14, 10 and 10. Due to divorced she is in a very critical condition. No Body is supporting her on a regular basis except few relative who give some money for hard times. She has following expenses: Education for three children Rs.900, Electricity and Gas Rs.400 and Monthly Ration Rs.4,500/- . Total exp around Rs.5,800/-Read More

220. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
Read More


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Who Is Ilm-o-Amal?
Ilm-o-Amal is a non-political and non-sectarian organization, which endeavors to promote social welfare, community spirit and knowledge in our society. It is founded by a group of citizens in Karachi, Pakistan. It is registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860 as a welfare organization.

Ilm-o-Amal is entirely funded by its members or socially aware individuals. Its financial records are audited and are presented to its members.

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