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Paediatric Ward # 3 of CIVIL Hospital Karachi provides medical treatment to infants. Every day hundreds of poor children get medical treatment from these wards who cannot afford it otherwise.

Yasmeen Khidmat-e-Masakeen Trust is an initiative by some responsible citizens of Karachi led by Salahuddin Syed to maintain hygenic conditions and facilities of these wards. He also volunteers for Ilm-o-Amal as a Medical Coordinator and helps our volunteer team in providing much needed medical help to the poor at no cost.

Hazoor Buksh is a trained, qualified and experienced paramedic who is performing very important and essential service for Paeds 3 Nursery which takes care of prematurely born infants weighing 1 1/2 kg and 2 kg. Hazoor Buksh and his colleague perform odd hour duties from 8 pm till 8 am. Until April end their salaries were paid by a donor but due to heavy business losses he has regretted his inability to pay their salaries after April. If the services of Hazoor Baksh and his colleague are terminated due to lack of sponsorship or funds, the mortality rate in the nursery will increase. I strongly appeal to all generous and kind hearted people who can afford to pay the salary of Hazoor Buksh to come forward and take this financial responsibility. May Allah bless the donor and reward him many hundred times for his generosity

There monthly cost is Rs 8,000/- each for a total monthly cost of Rs 16,000/-

If you are already a member please login to BMS and review application #393 and 394

If you wish to join our network and help this case or any other deserving case please fill the membership form.

For a complete list of our beneficiaries please see our programs

Best Regards,

Saif Manzoor

Secretary, Ilm-o-Amal Association


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