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Marathon for a Cause

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I was totally flabbergasted by the enormous support and encouragement I received form friends and family. As some of you already aware that I completed the marathon and in the process better my record, very pleased with my efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you for your support, I really appreciated that. I would also like to thank Saif Manzor for providing me this opportunity to raise money for this privileged cause and IlmoAmal team who are doing a fantastic job in the background, well done guys.

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Mukhtar Murtaza


Target:  20,000
Donated:  9,230
Leftover:  10,770


42 Km Marathon is an annual event in Diraab Golf Course in Riyadh. This year's event is scheduled on March 6, 2009.

Mukhtar Murtaza is an I.T Professional who works in Riyad and is a regular participant in the running events. This year Mukhtar has dedicated his effort to raise awareness and donations for the education of blind and deaf children in Pakistan.

You can support Mukhtar's cause in many different ways:

  • Raising awareness on the issues faces by blind and deaf children in their struggle to become a productive member of the society
  • Sponsor Mukhtar Murtaza to raise donation by:
  • Pledging SAR 5,10,20, 50 or 100 for every km he completes
  • Pledging SAR 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1,000
  • Forward this campaign to a friend
  • Note: Enter your pledge in the comments section at the end of this page

Read about what Ilm-o-Amal is doing for the education and support of blind and deaf student read here

Contact Persons
Mukhtar Murtaza [m.murtaza@yahoo.co.uk Mobile 0505186505]

Saif Manzoor [smanzoor@rocketmail.com Mobile 0506443273]

Ways to Donate

Please forward a cheque/bank draft payable to Ilm-o-Amal Association for your desired amount and indicate Donation for 2008-09 Campaign on bottom left of cheque/bank draft. Send cheque to PO BOX 12494, Karachi Pakistan.

Please send your donation to the account below, with your name and mailing address.

Account # 119898-01
KASB Bank Limited
Shaheed-e-Millat Road Branch
Karachi, Pakistan

Please call our representative at +92 (0)334 3967699 to find out what other options are available.

Case Summary

CAMPAIGN SERIAL & TITLE: #6. Marathon for a Cause

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: February 9th, 2009.

TARGET: Raise SAR 20 thousand for the education of blind and deaf children in Pakistan

   Please enter your email or phone number with your pledge so that we can contact you later on

SAR 250
Good Luck ......... BHAiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

from farooq murtaza at 3---0-2010 02: 0

# 6 Marathon -Donation Canadian $20
I pledge Canadian $ 20 for good cause.

from Humayun Sultan at 3---0-2009 07: 1

Mukhtar Successfully completed the 42 kms and bettered his previous record. his time was 4 hours and 11 minutes

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 3---0-2009 06: 1

Cure the World
I pledge SR500 for this wonderful cause. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

from Rayees Moizuddin at 3---0-2009 04: 0

Way to go Forrest Gump.....Seriously, we are all proud of you and pledge SR500 for this noble cause. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

from Asad Naqvi & Family at 3---0-2009 03: 2

we pledge 500sr for a great cause good luck

from Anonymous at 3---0-2009 03: 1

good luck Bhai
i know U can do it , u did in Liss ,surrey, england in summer ...... gud luck .......20 from me for the cause.........

from farooq murtaza at 3---0-2009 02: 1

I pledge SAR 1,000 for this noble cause
Pakistan will survive if we still have people like Mustaza.

from Naved Shoaib at 3---0-2009 02: 0

you are strong papa jan!!!!!
i love you papa jan! I give sr50 to help you. Good luck

from Ayman Mukhtar Murtaza at 2---0-2009 27: 0

You Can do it!!
I pledge 200sr for the marathon. You can do it!!! =-) Good luck!

from Maleeha Murtaza at 2---0-2009 27: 0

Pledge from Milton Keynes, UK
Geezer, make sure you run all the 42km .. I reckon a couple of shwarmas from Batha and a juice should do it :-))) our pledge is £2 per KM .. good on ya matey .. keep up the good work ..

from Zak & Family at 2---0-2009 21: 1

I pledge SAR 800 for this wonderful cause.
Mukhtar I am very proud of you,from your wife. Viki

from Anonymous at 2---0-2009 21: 0

Worthy Cause
I pledge SAR 10 for every KM you run. Good luck Rafaquat

from Anonymous at 2---0-2009 20: 2


from Anonymous at 2---0-2009 19: 0

Good Luck Papa Jan !!!
i Pledge 50 sr for this noble cause. C'mon Papa Jan :) :) !!!

from Saher Murtaza at 2---0-2009 19: 0

Great cause! I pledge 2 GBP per km. Best of luck!

from Vic at 2---0-2009 18: 0

Good luck Mukhtar
I pledge SR 500

from Omar Iqbal at 2---0-2009 16: 0

Good luck.
Hi Mukhtar, We plegde SAR100 for this very deserving cause. All the best to you.

from Helen, Ali and Haitham Al-Amily at 2---0-2009 15: 1

We reached 25% of our target on Feb 15 2008
3 weeks to go and 75% Target left

from Saif Manzoor at 2---0-2009 15: 0

Good Luck - Train Hard
Just to make sure you have an incentive to kick on for those last few kilometers. I will plede per KM SAR 20

from Naushad at 2---0-2009 15: 0

Good luck Mukhtar! I pledge SAR 10 per km you run.

from Arash at 2---0-2009 15: 0

Dear Mukhtar, This is an excellent cause and we are all with you. Educating the masses is the only way to eradicate social ills in Pakistan.

from Imtiaz Saithna at 2---0-2009 15: 0

I pledge SR 250 supporting the efforts made for the education of blind children
I appreciate Ilmo Amal's initiative to sponsor these kinds of compaigns for the benefit of needy people specailly kids

from muhammad Rehan at 2---0-2009 14: 0

I pledge SR 1000 to support Mukhtar's efforts
I appreciate Mukhtar's efforts for education of blind raising donation for e

from syed taj ahmad at 2---0-2009 14: 0

I pledge SAR 200
It is a good cause..

from Shahla Manzoor at 2---0-2009 14: 0

My pledge
I pledge SAR 1000/- keep us the good work..

from Adil Abrar at 2---0-2009 14: 0

i pledge SAR 100 for this cause
great going :)

from Nadia at 2---0-2009 10: 0

I pledge SAR 20 for every KM completed
Best wishes to Mukhtar...Bravo

from Saif Manzoor at 2---0-2009 09: 1

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