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Save Naheed Noor


Target:  200,000
Donated:  170,080
Leftover:  29,920

Naheed Noor is a ten year old girl. Her father's name is Noor Hassan Thaheem who works as a driver. She lives in district Jacobabad, Sindh. She has a birth defect in her heart. In layman's term, she has two holes in her heart. This defect was diagnosed in 2001. She is on medication but now her condition is deteriorating. She frequently faints and turns blue.

Latest Pictures of Naheed Noor Received from her hometown (Jul '08)

Her case was referred to Ilm-o-Amal by Mr. Javed Jagirani, who is the DCO in Kashmor, Kandkot, Sind. [Letter to the association]

Upon submission of her application in Beneficiary Management System of Ilm-o-Amal Association, it was decided to bring her to Karachi and get her diagnosed in National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD).

Her preliminary reports will be attached soon.

Dr. Faheem Ahmad (Medical Incharge of Alamgir Welfare Trust) kindly volunteered to arrange the initial diagnosis. After review of her case Dr. Faheem referred her to Dr. Najma Patel of NICVD who is an expert in child heart diseases.

Several tests were performed and an Angio-graphy is scheduled in the last week of Dec 2007. If the surgeon deems it necessary a valve replacement operation may be performed immediately.

Contact Person in Karachi
Faheem Raza [askfaheem@hotmail.com]

Reported By
Saif Manzoor [smanzoor@rocketmail.com] on Dec 7, 2007

Ways to Donate

Please forward a cheque/bank draft payable to Ilm-o-Amal Association for your desired amount and indicate Naheed Noor Campaign Dec 7th on bottom left of cheque/bank draft. Send cheque to PO BOX 12494, Karachi Pakistan.

Please send your donation to the account below, with your name and mailing address.

Account # 119898-01
KASB Bank Limited
Shaheed-e-Millat Road Branch
Karachi, Pakistan

Please call our representative at +92 (0)334 3967699 to find out what other options are available.

Case Summary

CAMPAIGN SERIAL & TITLE: #1. Save Naheed Noor

ISSUE: Hole in the child's heart.

POSSIBLE CURE: Heart surgery.

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: December 7th, 2007.

OPERATION EXPECTED: Anytime after December 25th, 2007 upon surgeon's advise.

TARGET: Collect USD 3,500 (PKR 200,000 or SAR 12,500) for operation and related expenses including transportation, medicines and tests.

TREATED AT: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), Karachi.


Save Naheed Noor
I am very glad after knowing that a critical operation is managed by Ilmoamal Management Committee and there efforts to providing help to a needy girl and her family. Regards Halim

from Shaikh Abdul Haleem Ilm-o-Amal member at 4---0-2009 10: 0

Please accept my heart felt felicitations on the job you have done by saving one precious life. I had referred this case to the organization and I am very happy that you saved life. The efforts of Mr. Faheem Raza in this regard are highly markable. Thanks and congrats

from Javed Ali at 7---0-2008 15: 0

Mashallah, easier said then done. May God give you all great support, blessings and energy to have such contributions. With best regards and wishes, Mohammad Farooq Vayani

from Mohammad Farooq Vayani at 2---0-2008 12: 0

Faheem Raza just informed me that she is doing fine and will be released from Hospital today...Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 2---0-2008 08: 0

Surgery finally performed today and she has been moved to ICU. I will update later about her status. Pray for her.

from Saif Manzoor at 2---0-2008 05: 0

Surgery is today at 3:00 PM at National Medical Center. Surgeon is Prof. Akhtar Hussain

from Saif Manzoor at 2---0-2008 04: 0

There is further delay due to last minute tests. Now the date of Surgery is 2nd Feb 2008 and the hospital is National Medical Center, Kalapul Defence. Pray for her.

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 2---0-2008 01: 0

Update Jan 28 2008
Date of operation is Jan 29 2008. She will admitted to the hospital at 6PM today. Please pray for her.

from Saif Manzoor at 1---0-2008 28: 0

Dear All, Congratulation to everyone who contributed to save naheed, Allah may accept the efforts of every one and give her healthy and happy life(ameen). Best regards,

from Adil Anis at 1---0-2008 27: 2

I am very glad with the efforts of ilm-o-amal. May Allah give her long and prosperous life.

from Shariq Mustaquim Ilm-o-Amal member at 1---0-2008 26: 1

Naheed Noor
I am very glad to hear that she has been admitted to Hospital for treatment. I wish and pray for her that she will get well soon. The efforts of Il-o-adab is exceptional in this case

from Asim KiRmani at 1---0-2008 26: 1

Jan 25 2008 Update
Naheed is today admitted to NICVD for Angiography. The decision regarding surgery will be taken after the angiography

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 1---0-2008 25: 0

Jan 21 2008 update
There were some procedural delays. Now the Angiography is scheduled for Thursday Jan 24 2008 at NICVD

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 1---0-2008 21: 1

Jan 9 2008 update
Surgery Will be conducted in NICVD under Supervision of Following Doctors: 1) Prof: Dr. Tariq Azam With Associates:Dr. Nadeem Qureshi, Dr. Ishtiaq Shah, Dr. Asad Pathan Date of Surgery between Jan 13-17 2008 Inshallah

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 1---0-2008 09: 0

Jan 5 2007 Update
Our coordinator is arranging for the operation which is delayed due to disturbances in Karachi. We hope that Inshallah if the situation allows us the surgery may be scheduled shortly.

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 1---0-2008 05: 1

Wishing her a speedy recovery
I prey for her quick and safe recovery. She definitely needs our urgent attention. She is as dear to her parents as our children are to us.

from Aamir at 2---1-2007 15: 0

We will keep the latest information posted..thanks

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member at 2---1-2007 15: 0

Working together
Thanks for performing such a nice job. I've noted the bank info and I believe if some of my contribution can help saving her life, that will be satisfying. Please update us about her condition. God bless her and you all.

from Anonymous at 2---1-2007 15: 0

I pray for her recover
good effort, i really appreciate this. this is a deserving case and v should all try to help the girl so that she recovers soon and spends a normal life like other kids.

from Shahla at 2---1-2007 14: 1

Good effort!
Good effort. We should help deserving cases like this.

from Anonymous at 2---1-2007 14: 1

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