Our Mission
Raabta eLearning is an initiative of Ilm-o-Amal Association. Our mission is to collaboratively develop a web-based educational platform and provide it free of cost to the schools in Pakistan, particularly those in the underprivileged localities.

Raabta eLearning supports capabilities such as online course development, course delivery, student assessment, multimedia contents like videos and graphics, and analytical reports for student, class and school.

Based on the needs of the schools we also equip them with laptops, tablets, large monitors and Internet connection.
Our Achievements and Future Targets
We endeavor to provide the best possible resource to our students and teachers. We have achieved some significant results:
AchievementCurrentTarget for 2013Next 5 years
Total Students 36035,00050,000
Total Points 21200242 MillionMillions
Total Teachers 4975002,500
Total Courses23Complete PrimaryComplete Primary and Middle
Total MCQs 86445,00010,000
Total Schools4350200

Our Team
Saif Manzoor
I am Saif Manzoor. I am responsible for the overall strategic direction of this program. You can reach me at smanzoor@rocketmail.com
Ayesha Shahzad
Manager Content Development
I am Ayesha Shahzad. I am responsible to manage the overall content development function. I also develop and review courses.
Urooj Atif
Lead Content Developer
I am Urooj Atif. I lead the content management team. I am responsible for course outline development, quality management, reviews and also development.
Syed Imran Waseem
Operational Incharge
I am Syed Imran Waseem. I am responsible for overall operations of the reading rooms in the schools.
Madiha Aslam

Course developer for mathematics
Muhammad Asjad Bilal

Developer for English course
Umer Imtiaz
I am a course reviewer
Jawwad Khan
Content Developer
I am Jawwad Khan. I am responsible for content dev...
Sahar Alam
Content Developer
I am Sahar Alam. I am responsible for content development.
Mirza Zafar Baig
Urdu Translator
I am Zafar Baig. I am responsible for Urdu Translation of courses.
Hasan Manzoor
I am Hasan Manzoor. I am a student volunteer and help the Ilmoamal team in providing a student perspective. I also help in developing courses.

Our Teachers
Asma Talha
Teacher - Iqra Yaqeen-ul-Atfal School Secondry School
Asma Talha
Teacher - New Generation Reading Room
Rubina Naz
Teacher - Imam Din e/learning center
Mahjabeen Khan
Teacher - IISAR Grade Four School
Shumaila Khan
Teacher - Little Star Primary School
Kanwal Reaz
Teacher - Al Noor eLearning Center
parveen ghazi shahjehan
Teacher - Ma Aisha e/learning center
humaira humaira memon
Teacher - Akhtari School
saira manzoor
Teacher - Mehmood Abad Govt School
asmat saeed zaman
Teacher - AAS Trust e/learning center
Iqra sarfaraz
Teacher - Radiant School Mahmoodabad
heena arshad
Teacher - Roshni Public School Qayyumabad
kawal riaz
Teacher - Shark'N'dolphin School
maryam aslam
Teacher - Taha Reading Room
Saira Khan
Teacher - The Star School
Sarah Khan
Teacher - SOS Village Deh Malir
Lubna Nisar
Teacher - Aligarh School Khoharapar