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Our Mission
Raabta eLearning is an initiative of Ilm-o-Amal Association. Our mission is to collaboratively develop a web-based educational platform and provide it free of cost to the schools in Pakistan, particularly those in the underprivileged localities.

Raabta eLearning supports capabilities such as online course development, course delivery, student assessment, multimedia contents like videos and graphics, and analytical reports for student, class and school.

Based on the needs of the schools we also equip them with laptops, tablets, large monitors and Internet connection.
Our Achievements and Future Targets
We endeavor to provide the best possible resource to our students and teachers. We have achieved some significant results:
AchievementCurrentTarget for 2013Next 5 years
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Total Points error: Table 'ilmoamal.q_answer' doesn't exist 2 MillionMillions
Total Teachers error: Table 'ilmoamal.members' doesn't exist 5002,500
Total Courseserror: Table 'ilmoamal.q_course' doesn't exist Complete PrimaryComplete Primary and Middle
Total MCQs error: Table 'ilmoamal.q_question' doesn't exist 5,00010,000
Total Schoolsdone.50200

Our Team

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Our Teachers