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Unit Name # of slides
North America1
Human Migrations1
Hunter Gatherers1
Controlling the fire1
Reflexive Pronouns1
Possessive Pronouns2
Possessive Adjectives1
Some More Kinds of Adjectives2
Some More Kinds of Adverbs2
Verbs of Incomplete Predication2
Nouns: Number3
Mountains of the world3
People of Pakistan3
Shapes and Their Faces1
Counting From One to Ten1
Add Across Using The Number Line1
Subtract Across1
Greater Than, Less Than1
Ordinal Numbers1
Tables: 2 To 52
Counting from Eleven to Twenty1
Missing Numbers: Before, After and Between1
Ascending or Descending Order1
Place Value1
Word Problems: Adding1
Word Problems: Subtracting1
Counting Money1
Place Value Using Abacus1
Numbers in Words1
Hundreds, Tens and Units1
Shapes: Faces, Edges and Vertices1
Counting Money1
Shapes: Cylinders, Cones, Spheres, Plane and Curved Faces1
4-Digit Numbers and Their Names1
Place Value and Expanded Form3
Ordering of 4-digit Numbers2
Addition of 4-digit Numbers1
Addition: Word Problems1
Multiplying by 10 and 1001
Multiplication with Big Numbers1
Allah Made Everything For Us1
The Books of Allah1
Good Manners3
Surah Al Qariya1
Surah Al Inshirah1
Surah Ad Duha1