Last Updated: Dec 14, 2010

  1. What is Rabtaa eLearn?
  2. It is a free educational portal developed by Ilm-o-Amal Association. It provides online content for four core subjects (Science, Humanities, Math and English) for Primary classes. Each course is presented in the form of presentation slides and followed by Multiple Choice Questions. Parents, Teachers and Students can register and use the content online.

  3. Which schools are currently using Raabta eLearning?
  4. click here to see the list of Reading Rooms in different schools which are using Raabta eLearning .

  5. What is the process to use Raabta eLearning?
  6. Raabta eLearning is a completely free portal. Click on each area of the process to see the things to be done.
    If you have any questions or issues please write to info@ilmoamal.org

    Raabta eLearning Process
    Application Form Register Register Monitor Performance

  7. Who develops the content and maintains the site?
  8. Content is developed by volunteers of Ilm-o-Amal network. And the site is maintained by Ilm-o-Amal Webmaster. Their names are published on the home page. We need more volunteers so that we can develop more courses and enhance their quality

  9. What are the contents of the Course?
  10. Each course is divided into modules and units, which are presented in the form of many slides. Each slide contains a picture, 3 points about the topic, 3 key points and 3 tips for teachers.

  11. How we set-up the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)?
  12. Each unit has many multiple choice questions. The questions test the knowledge of the student and immediately provide the results and correct answers. Student receives one point for each correct answer. A student may answer the questions unlimited times. However, only the first 3 correct answers are awarded a point.

  13. My School wishes to join the program what shall I do?
  14. Fill this form Application Form and send to info@ilmoamal.org

  15. Does the student get any rewards?
  16. Soon we will publish a catalog of gifts like caps, pens and T-shirts to be given to the student upon completing 100, 500 and 1000 points and beyond. Their pictures and names will also be published to highlight their achievements.

  17. Which subjects are available?
  18. As of now (Dec 2010) we are working on the following:
    Primary Science grades 1 to 5
    Math Grade 3
    Target completion Dec 2011

  19. What are the upcoming courses in 2010-11?
  20. Primary English
    Math for grade 1,2,4 and 5

  21. Is there any fee or charge for using the portal?
  22. No. You can help this cause by joining the volunteer team to develop and disseminate more content.

  23. I want to help. What can I do?
  24. Network to let your friends and family member know about this project
    Donate. See Flyer for Donation
    Join our course development team