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Why Volunteer?

Can we bring a positive change in our lives and lives of people around us without committing our time, efforts and resources?

We are sure that your answer would be NO; the vision of a just and ethically based society cannot be realized without making sacrifices. So if you embrace this vision, why not participate with us (or any other social  welfare organization) to make a difference. You can participate in many different ways.

Please find below the list of different types of volunteers we need. If you wish to participate, please send your resume, along with your contact number and email address to and we will come back to you.

If you wish to apply for the membership, kindly download the following form, complete and scan it and send it back to us:

Online Membership Form

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English Editors and Writers Do you like to write about social issues?
If you like to do research and write about social issues, you may become part of our editorial team and help us in editing any of the sections about women, street children, poverty and education. Or you may help us with our monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine.
Urdu Editors and Writers If you are good in Urdu and enjoy to write and type in Urdu?
If you like to write in Urdu, you may help us in developing and managing our Urdu website and contents. You may also help us with translations of English material to Urdu. 
Scholars Are you a scholar with an understanding of the social perspective of Islam?
If you are a scholar with an understanding of the teachings of Islam on social justice and ethics, you may share your perspective with our readers.
Field Volunteers Do you like field work?
If you like to do field work you may join our beneficiary assistance programs to reach out and help people in your family, neighborhood and place of work.
Information Technology Are you a computer expert?
If you are an expert in computers, website designing and development, web-hosting and related skills, you may help us in managing our website and applications.
Event  Coordinator Are you experienced in managing Events?
If you have experience in managing social events, you may help us in managing our workshops and meetings, which serve a variety of purposes, including, an opportunity to know each other, an event to promote awareness on social issues, a medium to share information about our programs and their progress.
Campaign Coordinator Are you experienced in managing Campaigns?
If you have experience in managing social campaigns, you may help us in raising awareness and funds for our programs.
Volunteer Coordinator Are you experienced in managing volunteers?
If you have experience in managing volunteers, you may help us in our communication with potential volunteers, conducting interviews and work assignments.
Finance and Accounting Are you a finance or accounting professional?
Like any other organization we need to do accounting, reporting, preparation of forecasts and budgets. If you are an accounting professional you may help us in the above tasks.

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