What is the purpose of "Issues" section?

The purpose of this section is to gather and share information about our social issues, find out which individuals or organizations are active, and also what Ilm-o-Amal is doing in this regard. This information can help us in many different ways:

  • Gathering information and participation in discussions promote awareness. The more aware you are, the more likely that you will contribute or participate in an effort to address the issue.
  • You will get to know who is doing what. It will give you an opportunity to reach out and help those who are already active in social works.
  • You will also realize how little is being done from the biggest and most powerful entity in Pakistan i.e. the Government.
  • You will get opportunities to spend more time with people like you, who are socially conscious and hopefully you will make good friends here.
  • Last, but not the least important, is the teachings of Islam on social justice and ethics. It is extremely important that we get a clear understanding of this perspective free from any cultural or sectarian distortions.

Each section will be edited by different individuals who have personal interest, knowledge and experiences in that area. It goes without saying that all this effort is done on a voluntary basis.





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