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Child Labor

For centuries economies have used the productive labor of children. The history of capitalism is full of stories of how children were and still being used for labor. It is remarkably persistent and widespread in the developing world including Pakistan. A survey in 2003 by International Labor Organization (ILO) suggests that there are 246 million child laborers under the age of 14 in the world and about 180 million of them are in hazardous activities.

Child labor is common in Pakistan.

  • In car workshops in the cities.
  • In hotels, teashops, and restaurants.
  • On the street selling all different type of goods.
  • In the fields in the rural areas.
  • In manufacturing units for sports goods, shoes and variety of other stuff.

The use of children uses many ethical and legal questions:

  • Is it allowed under the laws of Pakistan to employ children?
  • If no, then why these children are working and why nobody stops the entrepreneurs to hire children?
  • Should the children work in the first place?
  • If they do not work who will earn for their families.
  • If they do not work from an early age how would they learn skills?
  • How can we help a child to make a better career?
  • Which organizations are active in this regard?
  • What is the government doing?
  • If they do not work then what is their future?
  • Is the degree of public outrage and social action enough?

In this section will try to find the answer of the above and many other similar questions.



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Which organizations are active in Pakistan?

Where can you get more information?









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