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Help Special Students

Blind and Deaf children face many difficulties in their lives in Pakistan. There is a lack of good facilities for their education and special training needs. The attitude of the society in general is also not very healthy. They face discrimination and unsupporting attitude every day. In such an environment some organization are doing a remarkable job in helping blind and deaf students. Ida Rieu (http://www.idarieu.org) is one of them. Under the inspiring leadership of Madam Qudsia Khan the school is doing a great service to humanity.

Ilm-o-Amal has resolved to help the blind and deaf students with the cooperation of Ida Rieu. Ilm-o-Amal provides scholarships to students to meet their day-to-day training and education expenses and also provide much needed support to the school itself. Ilm-o-Amal also provides family help to the families of blind and deaf students. Our coordinator for education and field volunteers regularly visit the school to meet the students, to motivate them and discuss their needs. read more

You can join us in helping these children become a responsible, trained and productive member of the society. Following is a list of children we are sponsoring and Inshallah this list wil grow in the coming months and years with your support. All the proceeds from the campaign "Marathon for a Cause" will be utilized for blind and deaf children.


Rizwan Rizwan198. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Rizwan Rizwan (Type 2 - Blind Student Rizwan Transport)
Farooq Siddiq199. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Farooq Siddiq (Type 2 -Blind Student Help - Farooq Transport)
Kulsoom Kulsoom200. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Kulsoom Kulsoom (Blind Student - Kulsoom)
Farah Naz201. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Farah Naz (Type 1 - Deaf Student scholarship)
Enayat Fazle202. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Enayat Fazle (Type 1 - Deaf Student Scholarship - Enayat Fazle)
Kausar Muhammad Quraish203. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Kausar Muhammad Quraish (Type 1 - Deaf Student Scholarship - Kausar)
Muzammil Deaf204. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Muzammil Deaf (Type 1 - Deaf Student - Muzammil)
Owais Ilyas295. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Owais Ilyas (Education of Blind student Owaiis Ilyas Grade 1)
Rubina Yasmeen296. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Rubina Yasmeen (Type 2 - Education of Blind student Rubina Yasmeen Transport)
Asiya Hanif297. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Asiya Hanif (Type 2 - Education of Deaf Student Asiya Hanif Transport)
Sobia Kanwal299. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Sobia Kanwal (Education of Deaf Student Sobia Kanwal of Grade 6 - ORPHAN)
Shoaib Waheed301. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Shoaib Waheed (Education of Soaib Waheed blind student)
Khair Mohammad302. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Khair Mohammad (Education of Khair Mohammad blind student of class 2)
Mubashira Raza304. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Mubashira Raza (Education of Mubashira Raza, blind student of class 2)
Alish Raza305. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Alish Raza (Education of Alish Raza, blind student of class 2)
Abdul Qayyum306. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Abdul Qayyum (Education of Abdul Qayyum, Deaf student of Nursery A)
Javeria Younus307. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Javeria Younus (Education of Javeria Younus, deaf student of Nursery B)
Salman Sabir580. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Salman Sabir (Type 2 Deaf Student Salman Sabir)
Waqas Dilshad581. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Waqas Dilshad (Type 2 - Deaf Student waqas dilshad)
Junaid Rafique858. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Junaid Rafique (Education Help for Deaf-Student -Junaid Rafique- Ida Rieu - ORPHAN)
Sonia Aslam859. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Sonia Aslam (Education Help-Sonia Aslam-Deaf Student-4th Grade-Ida Rieu - ORPHAN)
Muhammad Asif860. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Muhammad Asif (Muhammad Asif-Blind Student-7th Grade-Ida Rieu)
Mohammad Asif861. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Mohammad Asif (Education Help-Mohammad Asif-Blind Student-7th Grade-Ida Rieu)
Komal Showkat862. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Komal Showkat (Komal Showkat-Blind Student-Grade-V-Ida Rieu)
Bilal Ahmad863. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Bilal Ahmad (Bilal Ahmad-Blind Student-7th Grade-Ida Rieu)
Anum Urse1136. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Anum Urse (Education Help-Anum Urse-Blind Student- ORPHAN)
Saba Alla Uddin1137. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Saba Alla Uddin (Education Help For-Deaf Student-Saba Allauddin-ORPHAN)
Abdul Waheed1138. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Abdul Waheed (Education Help-Blind Student-Abdul Waheed-ORPHAN)
Waseem Ahmed1139. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Waseem Ahmed (Education Help-Deaf- Student-Waseem Ahmed-ORPHAN)
Nabeel Nabeel1352. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Nabeel Nabeel (Education Help for Nabeel-Deaf)
Hamza Haroon1353. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Hamza Haroon (Education Help For Hamza Haroon-Deaf)
Anamta Faisal1366. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Anamta Faisal (Education Help - Anamta Faisal- Deaf Student)
Shahana Abdul Raheem1367. EDUCATION_BLIND_DEAF Shahana Abdul Raheem (Shahana Abdul Raheem- Deaf Student)

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Ilm-o-Amal is a non-political and non-sectarian organization, which endeavors to promote social welfare, community spirit and knowledge in our society. It is founded by a group of citizens in Karachi, Pakistan. It is registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860 as a welfare organization.

Ilm-o-Amal is entirely funded by its members or socially aware individuals. Its financial records are audited and are presented to its members.

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